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Recreational Boys

5+ years
1.5 hour or 2 hour classes
Boys only

Men’s gymnastics is the best way to build a strong physical base for any other sport; coordination, flexibility, strength, power, body awareness, control, speed, and safe landing and falling mechanics are just a few of the benefits.

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics is comprised of six exciting and demanding apparatus: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar.

The recreational program introduces each of these, and the boys start to build a foundation of skills and physical abilities.

& Cost

Monday 4:45-6:15pm (5-8 years old) 
Thursday 5:00-7:00pm (5-8 years old) 

Thursday 5:00-7:00pm (8+ years old)
Saturday 3:00-4:30pm (5-8 years old) 

Sunday 3:30-5:30pm (6+ years old) 

Once weekly classes:

Fall Term (September 9 - December 15, 2024)

1.5 hour class: $336 (+ GST)

2 hour class: $399 (+ GST)

Winter Term (January 6 - March 30, 2025)

1.5 hour class: $305 (+ GST)

2 hour class: $357 (+ GST)

Spring Term (April 1 - June 8, 2025)

1.5 hour class: $305 (+ GST)

2 hour class: $357 (+ GST)

Plus $50 (incl. GST) MGA Insurance Fee once per season (see notes below)

Registration Options


Click the "Register Online" button. It will take you to the Parent Portal where you can set up an account, register for classes, and make payments all from the comfort of home.

In Person:

Click the "Download Registration Form" button to print and fill out the form, then visit us during office hours to drop it off and make your payment.


All participants are required to be registered with the Manitoba Gymnastics Association and covered under their insurance policy. The MGA fee renews annually on Sept 1. If you already paid this fee (i.e. you attended a camp or a previous term, or a different club), you will not have to pay it again for this year. Please let our staff know when you register.

Forms can be dropped off at the office (under the door if the office is closed). Payments can be made at the office by cash, cheque, debit, or credit, or online through the Parent Portal. 

Complete form and payment must be received before your registration will be processed. 

Registration Policies:

  • There are no refunds after the second class of the term (Term classes) or the third class of the year (Yearly classes) – whether we are in a pandemic or not.  Pro-rated refunds will be given upon withdrawal from the program with a Dr.’s note only, a $45 Admin fee will apply.

  • Post-dated cheques are considered installments and will not be returned upon withdrawal from the program once the refund date has passed.

  • $50 (incl. GST) MGA Insurance Fee (non-refundable).

  • Missed classes due to injury, vacation, or sickness cannot be made up or refunded. 

  • Classes will not be pro-rated due to statutory holidays and exclusion dates (see schedule for exclusion dates). 

  • WGC reserves the right to cancel classes due to inclement weather. Credits will be applied for Public Health Order Mandated Restrictions only. No refunds given. Credits are non-transferable.

  • A $25 service fee will be charged for all NSF cheques.

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