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4-9 years
Girls only

This invite-only program is designed for young athletes who show a natural aptitude for gymnastics. Suitable levels of natural flexibility, strength, and control are pre-requisites for an invitation to the program. 

Here, gymnasts are immersed in a  highly structured, progressive program that strives toward increasing strength, flexibility, control, and providing a solid technical foundation that is used to build high-level gymnastics skills later on. 


Pre-Comp 1A

2 hours/week (1x2hrs)

(4-5 years old)

Pre-Comp 1B

4 hours/week (2x2hrs)

(5-6 years old)

Pre-Comp 2

6 hours/week (2x3.5hrs)

(6-8 years old)

Pre-Comp 3

10.5hrs/week (3x3.5hrs)

(7-9 years old)

September 8, 2024 - June 8, 2025

Most gymnasts will move from Pre-Comp 1 to Pre-Comp 2 then to the competitive program at Level 2 (6hrs/week), and work their way up through the competitive levels from there. 

Pre-Comp 3 is used as a springboard for fast-tracking gymnasts who have the potential to reach the highest levels. 

We firmly believe in a child-first approach to competitive gymnastics. Gymnasts are encouraged to explore other sports and activities and early specialization is not encouraged. Planning for the long term and helping a gymnast to reach highest levels requires a well-rounded, healthy athlete with a strong technical foundation.  

That is the aim of the Pre-Comp program. 

Schedule and costs are provided to invitees only.

Interested in joining the pre-competitive program?

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